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    もとおか こくさい こうりゅう ひろば


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    ニュース 最新情報

    All of participants who want to continue joining our class need to answer the form below. Please take minutes to answer it. Registration form 2023  
    There will be no face-to-face classes at the Motooka Community Centre tomorrow (25 January) due to the snow forecast. Online talks will be held as planned. あした(1がつ25にち)の もとおかこうみんかん での 「にほんご」は、 ゆき のため おやすみ です。 明日(1月25日)の元岡公民館での対面クラスは、雪予報のためお休みします。 オンライントークは予定通り開催します。
    11月2日と23日は対面クラス、オンラインクラス共におやすみです。よろしくお願いします。 On November 2nd and 23rd, we have no classes including online classes. Thank you for your understanding.


    “Motooka Kokusai Kouryuu Hiroba” is supported by Nishiku Motooka public hall and run by Kyushu University students and local volunteers. The main activity is Japanese language support for migrants from overseas.
    We provide exchange and learning between local people and overseas migrants through “Japanese language communication” centered on conversations and various exchange events.
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    Japanese Communication class


    The aim of this class is learners mainly learn the Japanese language for their lives in Fukuoka. Shopping, hospital, housing, living rules, local rules for example. And anything you want to talk in Japanese. Just chatting with local people is also okay. It's different from Japanese language school.
    Local people who can be relied on when you are in trouble are important to avoid accumulating stress in life in Japan.
    Please join it as a place for casual conversation.
    Let's make friends with local people in this class and lead a better life in Fukuoka.
    * We welcome anyone who wants to have a conversation should participate.(Happy place for babies, kids, and somebodies with them!).
    Participation fee is free.


    ※ 日本語で会話を楽しみたい方はどなたでも参加ください(子供連れもOKです)。
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    Online talk


    We will continue to provide online learning and consultation (Japanese and English) under the COVID-19 lockdown.
    Each online talk has a theme. For example, cherry blossom season, summer vacation, New Year's events, tourist spots, school life, convenience stores, home centers, useful things, etc. We exchange information not only about Japan, but also about our home countries. Difficult Japanese words that come up in our conversations are written in the chat. We mainly target those who can speak more than a little Japanese. If you would like to chat, please feel free to contact us.
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    Vegetable Garden activity (Activity terminated due to field owner's circumstances.)

    菜園活動 (菜園オーナーの都合により、2023年9月終了)

    Our group rents local fields for vegetable garden activities. We grow vegetables and share them with everyone. Through vegetable garden activities, you can learn real Japanese and interact with local people.


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    Event & News


    Please check our SNS!!



  • Japanese communication class schedule(2023)

    【日本語コミュニケーション開催日(にほんご こみゅにけーしょん かいさいび)

    Every Wednesday 18:30-20:00 毎週水曜日 18:30-20:00

     Please check the calendar!


    2nd Saturday 13:30-15:00 第2土曜日  13:30-15:00

     Please check the calendar!


    Place: Motooka-Kouminkan (Motooka Public Hall) 場所:元岡公民館(もとおかこうみんかん) 

    ※ You can join anytime. いつからでも参加できます。 

    Japanese online talk schedule(2023)

    【日本語オンライン・トーク開催日( にほんご おんらいん・とーく  かいさいび)

    Every Wednesday 19:00-20:00

    - Via ZOOM


    If you interested in it, please E-mail / facebook message for us!!

  • How to join the Japanese class.

    参加方法(さんかほうほう )



    Please fill out the linked form.




    You will receive the reply mail from "Motooka Hokusai Kouryuu Hiroba".

    * If you do not receive a reply email within a week, please send it again.



    Visit the Motooka-Kominkan on the day by the start time.



    Join and Enjoy with us!

  • Q&A よくある質問

    Q. 誰が日本語講座に参加できますか? 

    Who can join Motooka Hiroba?

    A. 日本語でコミュニケーションをしたい方は、どなたでもご参加できます。


    Anyone who would like to communicate with Japanese can join the class.

    Currently, immigrants, international students, families of international students, and short-term training course students are participating in the class.

    Q. 参加費はいくらですか?

    How much is the Japanese class participation fee ? 

    A. 日本語講座の参加費は無料です。

    The Japanese class participation fee is free.

    Q. 元岡国際交流ひろばへの参加方法を教えてください。

    Please tell me how to participate in the Japanese language courses.

    A. 参加申し込みフォーム(リンク)に入力して送信してください。

    詳細は""How to join"のページをご確認ください。

    Please fill out the linked form.


    Depending on the number of participants, registration may be temporarily suspended. If we stop accepting applications, we will notify you here .

    Q. どんなことを学びますか? 

    What do we study in the Japanese class?




    The aim of this class is learners mainly learn the Japanese language for their lives in Fukuoka.

    Shopping, hospital, housing, living rules, local rules for example. And anything you want to talk in Japanese.

    Just chatting with local people is also okay. It's different from Japanese language school.

    Q. 日本での生活についての相談をしてもいいですか?

    Is it possible to consult about life in Japan?

    A. わからないこと、悩みなどがあれば相談してください。

    If you have any ploblems or concerns, please ask us in the class.

    Q. いつ、どこで開催されていますか?

    When and where are Motooka Hiroba held?

    A. 開催日は、スケジュールをご確認ください。元岡公民館で開催されています。

    Japanese language courses are held at Motooka public. Please check the schedule.

    Q. 開始日は決まっていますか?

    When is the start date?

    A. 開始日は決まっていません。参加受付が終われば、いつからでも開始できます。

    You can start anytime after the registration.

    Q. こどもを連れて行ってもいいですか?

     May I take my child with me?

    A. どうぞ連れてきてください。

    Please come with your children.

  • Calendar

    Please check our schedule!

  • Contact us! お問い合わせ

    If you have any question, please send an E-mail!

    E-mail: motookahiroba@gmail.com


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  • Location ばしょ

    Motooka Kouminkan  元岡公民館 もとおかこうみんかん

    Fukuokashi Kominkan Nishiku Motooka Community Center ( Motooka Kouminkan )

    1 Chome-3-41 Taromaru, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka, 819-0384